Office Team

Jack Manzo - President

Jack Manzo, Owner of Manchester Electrical Contractors.

Jack Manzo is the founder and owner of Manchester Electrical Contractors. Jack is a US Navy veteran and is a distinguished master electrician.

Gina Ogletree - Vice President


Gina Ogletree is the vice president of Manchester Electrical Contractors. Gina runs the day to day happenings at Manchester Electric and is the head of accounting.

Dale Manzo - COO


Dale Manzo is the Chief Operating Officer of Manchester Electrical Contractors. Dale oversees the big-picture operations at Manchester Electric and is the contact for most large projects.

Field Team

James S.


James is our most experienced electrician and is the lead electrician on most local projects. James handles many of our general contractors' projects and has proven to have reliably good work. 

Eric M.


Eric is a journeyman electrician for Manchester Electric. Eric does a lot of emergency calls for our clients as well as service calls. Eric has proven to be a very reliable and enthusiastic electrician.

Tom J.


Tom is our project coordinator. Tom goes on all of our bid walkthroughs and helps our clients get exactly what they want. Tom started with Manchester Electric is 2018 and has proven to be a customer favorite,